Canada Immigration System – The Color of the Dream Is Green

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It is one amongst the human traits to find betterment; for his own and for his family. Sometimes even if a person has skills and talents, the country he is residing has little opportunities for him to maximize his knowledge and of course, for the benefits that he expects in return. That is why, many people migrates in other places, in countries where he can fulfill his dreams; a place where he can utilize his skills, a place which will give him the chance of a prosperous life.

This is one of the principal reasons why people migrate in Canada. Other reasons beside this are: to live with their family who are residents of the country, to study, to invest, and to just see the place.

Whatever the reasons of the migrants are, Canada is widening its arms to welcome these immigrants. Today, Canada is more lenient in its Immigration policies than decades before. In latter part of the 19th century, immigration was just a part of the national policy. Before, the government just accepts immigrants for farm and domestic reasons only. These workers should come from Europe. Years after, during the early 20th century, there were revisions of Immigrations Acts. Although the government limits the number of immigrants, the revised Act enable the applicants to apply for posts basing on “literacy test”. In succeeding years, more revisions were made, sometimes to the advantage of the applicants, sometimes, restrictions to their chances to migrate to Canada.

Furthermore, there was this “white racist immigration policy” a government immigration law which refused the admission of particular ethnic groups. This law was changed in 1962, allowing applicants to be accepted based on the individual’s personal characteristics.

A particular immigration policy was adopted in 1967; the “point system”. This is to encourage skilled workers to apply for positions offered by the government. In this same year, the door for immigrants from the third world, opened wherein before, immigrants came only from European countries.

It was in 2005, that Asian countries ranked high in Canada’s Immigrants. The five leading Immigrant countries in Canada are: China, India, Philippines, Pakistan, and United States.

Now, the government is maximizing its role in attracting immigrants. The successful applicants are given better information before and after their arrival in Canada. It also offers a subsidy to different programs like workplace for interns and mentors. The support of the government is given to improve the services and effectiveness of the immigrants and to ensure the economic, social, and other important aspects of the society.

A Different Way of Immigrating to Canada – the Live-in Caregiver Program

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A different way of immigrating to Canada is through the Live-in Caregiver Program. The Live-in Caregiver Program allows qualified individuals to apply for permanent residence in Canada while living and working in Canada.

This article is not legal advice, but rather is merely informational. It is accurate as of November 20, 2005.

The basic rules are simple: you need a certain amount of schooling, you must have educational or practical experience as a caregiver, you must have had work offered to you in Canada as a live-in caregiver, and you need a certain understanding of English or French. If you are reading this article, it appears that your English is good enough to qualify.

A “live-in caregiver” means that you work and reside in the home in which you are providing care. The Live-in Caregiver Program was developed due to the shortage of Canadians available or willing to work in such a job, and therefore the market was opened to international workers.

After two years of employment as a live-in caregiver within three years of arriving in Canada, you may apply for a permanent residence through paying the proper fees and completing and submitting the appropriate forms.

In 2003, it was reported that 1,074 permanent residents in Canada were drawn from the Live-in Caregiver Program. This number includes not only the live-in caregivers themselves, but also their spouses and dependants.

The Live-in Caregiver Program may be recommended for those who want work experience in Canada, or for those who are unable to qualify for immigrate to Canada through the Family Class or Skilled Worker Class.


Immigration Attorney, Do I Need One?

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Immigration Attorneys, who are these people? Are they really vital for my immigration plans?

Immigration Lawyers or Attorneys are those people who have studied immigration law and graduated and passed the bar examinations. Their Law practice is regulated by the government. They can be of assistance to the applicants in obtaining immigrant’s legal status in their respective countries.

Besides these bar passers (Immigration lawyers), there are other persons or agencies that can assist or represent the future immigrants; as long as they are permitted by the government.

– An Accredited representative-a non-profit agency which charged modest fees to help immigrant’s with low incomes.

– The DHS -this agency of the government assists foreign nationals in matters related to legalities in migrating to the country. This department decides who can enter the country or who can stay. The officers of this government’s agency process the applications and petitions of foreign nationals, and have the power to enforce the immigration laws.

Important roles played by Immigrant attorneys:

– Deal with immigrant issues of applicants who migrate either permanently or temporarily. These issues include foreign nationals’ rights, obligations and duties to the country they are migrating.

– Deal with the processes of immigrant applications and citizenship procedures of the foreign nationals.

– Deal with immigrant issues regarding the legalities of asylees or refugees or people who cross the borders illegally, or part of the illegal transportation of aliens to the country.
What Immigrant lawyers can do which other agencies cannot?

– They are responsible and liable for all the information they provide for their clients.

– They are equipped with trainings and know-how regarding Immigration law and are updated with the latest changes whatsoever with regards to immigration.

– They are equipped with resources needed to assess the immigrant’s case, as cases differ from one another. They are the authorities to give legal advice on how to tackle whatever immigration problems arise.

Why do I need a Canadian Immigration attorney in migrating to Canada?

An applicant can choose what he wanted to do on how to secure his immigration status when he decides to migrate to Canada. He can do it himself; or he can employ a consultant; or he can make use of the Canada law firm’s services. A Canadian Immigrant Lawyer (and not just any lawyer) has all the capabilities discussed above in assisting the future Canadian immigrant.

To become assured and at peace with whatever decision an applicant is going to have; he can seek his friend’s advices (those who are already in Canada). The success or pitfalls of his friends will help him tremendously in his decisions. He can also search online; updates and assistance are available online.